epiray was founded in 2021 and is a spin-off of the Max-Planck-Institute for Solid-State Research in Stuttgart, Germany. It is based on the work of the research group of Max-Planck director Prof. Dr. Jochen Mannhart, who founded and leads the department since 2011. Prof. Mannhart and Dr. Wolfgang Braun lead the development of the Thermal Laser Epitaxy technology. Both support epiray as technology advisors and Dr. Wolfgang Braun currently leads epiray as CEO.

epiray’s CTO, Dr. Hans Boschker, joined Dr. Mannhart’s research group in 2011 and has since worked on the growth of quantum-matter heterostructures and the study of superconducting and magnetic materials. He was a key member of the thermal laser epitaxy technology development team and is an expert on complex-oxide materials. Hans is a co-founder of epiray and drives the technology side of the business, including technical marketing and customer support. He studied at the University of Twente, specializing in pulsed laser deposition.

epiray has an ongoing joint TLE research agreement with the Max-Planck-Institute for Solid-State Research and has obtained an exclusive license for the broadly patented technology (more than 20 patent applications and growing). This close connection allows epiray to benefit from research advances at Max-Planck in addition to its own R&D efforts.

epiray stands for EPItaxy with laser RAYs.